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Toronto Branch was established in October 2007, servicing both individuals and businesses located in Greater Toronto Area and providing financial services and products to satisfy the operating need of overseas Taiwanese and Canadian enterprises, including deposits, commercial loans, syndication loans, trade finance, foreign exchanges, remittances as well as other international finance services.

TORONTO BRANCH information form
Branch code
Swift Code
5000 Yonge Street, Suite 1803, Toronto, ON, Canada M2N 7E9
-79.4128630000 43.7661960000
Correspondent Bank
Working Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00~17:00
Toronto Branch Service Content Table

1. Deposit

Demand Saving and Time Deposit

 1.1Please pay attentions

Demand Deposit account

1.Currency: USD, CAD and RMB

2.Minimum deposit amount: (total combined with term deposit) must equal to CAD $150,000 

Term Deposit account

1.Currency: USD, CAD and RMB

2.Saving duration: one, three, six and twelve months 

3.Minimum deposit amount: (total combined with demand deposit) must equal to CAD $150,000 


1.Based on the regulation and branch policy, each account should maintain daily balance that is equivalent to CAD $150,000 or more upon opening a deposit account and daily balance. 

2.This branch does not provide chequing account, credit card and debit card service.

3.Deposit interest rate related policy(resident or non-resident)

■Canadian deposit does not deduct income tax earned by interest in advance.

■Based on Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) policy, at the beginning of the year after the branch defrays the interest, the branch must issue T5Slip form (for resident) or NR4 form (for non-resident) to client for submission to CRA.

■Based on local policy, for the bank’s interest payment declaration purpose, Canadian resident’s deposit customer should provide social insurance number.

4.This branch does not accept any cash in any currency. But accepts outward remittance, CAD, USD bank draft and cheque.

5.This branch only accepts RMB deposit by RMB inward remittance, or using CAD/USD to do foreign exchange and deposit. 

1.2Documents for opening account(s) at our Branch

Individual Account: Accountholder must be 18 years old or above.
Joint Account : Two or more individuals are able to open a joint account, the primary account holder should be 18 years or above.
Documents required to open account:
Individual/joint account:2 pieces of ID are required
Canadian resident:
Primary ID:PR(Permanent Resident card), citizenship card, passport, driver’s license.
Secondary ID: Secondary ID: Birth certificate, BC care card.
Non-Canadian resident:
Primary ID: Primary ID: Passport, identification card.
Secondary ID: Registered residence booklet, driver’s license or health ID card.

1.Acceptable ID must not be expired and must be issued by Federal, provincial or local government with the unique identifier.
2.Ontario health card is not acceptable.

Business Account

Limited to local registered Canadian institution or corporation, including joint venture, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, league and association.
■The required document for person in charge (director) and authorized person are identical to the document necessary for individual and joint account.                                                                  
■Structure type:
  Company: must provide the certificate of incorporation or company charter.
  Partnership: must provide partnership agreement.
  Corporate organization: must provide articles of association or articles of incorporation.
  Joint venture: must provide joint venture agreements.
■ Article and memorandum are required.
■ Business Registration or licenses for partnership and sole proprietorship not operating in personal names are required.
■ List of all shareholders and directors.
■ Beneficial owner with 25% or more of the share should provide two personal IDs (including name and address) and occupation details.

2. Loans & Guarantees

Mortgage loans, construction loans, import and export trade financing, syndication loans and guarantee business.


Outward Remittance and Inward Remittance(limited to branch customers)

3.1Telegraphic Transfer Instructions


3.2Correspondent Bank

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Documentary Credits

Advising and transfer of Letter of Credit, Import/Export documentary collection, Export Financing, as well as issuing Letter of Credit.

Foreign Exchange Transaction

Foreign exchange (limited to branch customers)

Securities Transaction


Other Service


Currency Type


Toronto Branch Transportation Information Table


Subway: Take Toronto Subway (Yonge-University Line) to North York Centre station, heading South on Yonge Street about 5 minutes
Driving: Exit at HWY401 / Yonge ramp, heading North on Yonge Street. Turn left on North York Blvd. Parking lot entrance is at the back of our building.

Form & Document Download

Form & Document Download file download form
File Name Download
Canadian Branch deposit account opening required document 201908 PDF

Legal Disclosure

Legal Disclosure file download form
File Name Download
2021 Third Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
2021 Second Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
2021 First Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
2020 Fourth Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
2020 Public Complaints Information for FCB Canadian Branches PDF
2020 Third Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
Fee Disclosure for FCB Canadian Branches 20200514 PDF
Cheque Holding Policy for FCB Canadian Branches 20200118 PDF
Complaint Procedures for FCB Canadian Branches 20200211 PDF
2020 Second Quarter Residential Mortgages Disclosure PDF
2020 Privacy Policy for FCB Canadian Branches PDF
CDIC Disclosure for FCB Canadian Branches PDF
Tied Selling for FCB Canadian Branches PDF