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Product Features

You can use your phone to check your account information, obtain the latest information on interest rates, exchange rates, and a fund's net asset value, or perform transfers, fixed deposits, and purchase trust funds (including conversion and redemption).

Service Customer

Any Account Holder of the Bank can apply for Phone Banking at any of our branches. However, applications for foreign exchange transactions are only eligible for domestic natural persons over 20 years of age or domestic legal entities that have obtained a Government Uniform Invoice (GUI).

How to apply

  • The Account Holder (responsible person of the company/firm) may apply at any of the branches by presenting proof of identification (proof of company registration or business registration is required for companies/firms) and the chop used to open the account.
  • For remittance transactions using Phone Banking, the beneficiary account must be designated in advance. Such designation is not required for transfers of payment collected by the Bank that is NT$100,000 or less. In case of any problems or needs after a designated account is set up, please call the Bank's 24-hour customer service hotline at (02) 2181-1111 to cancel the designated account.
  • An Account Holder can apply for scheduled transfers to be made within the period from the first business day to the 185th day after the application. If the scheduled transfer date is not on the Bank's business day, the actual transfer date will be the next business day. Cancellation of a scheduled transfer shall be made at least one day before the actual transfer date.
  • If an Account Holder wishes to apply for or cancel the transfer of savings deposit to a time deposit or apply for non-renewal or re-depositing of time deposits in their comprehensive deposit account, the application shall be made during the business hours of the business day before the actual transaction date.