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In addition to complying with the Financial Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations, the Company has established a rigorous " Fair Dealing Principles" and is committed to fully implement the Principles to protect the rights and interests of customers.

The main contents of the " Fair Dealing Principles " are as follows:

Principle of Fair and Honest in Contract Engagement

  • The Company should establish a contract with financial consumers governing the provision of financial products or services on the principles of fairness, reasonableness, equality, mutual benefit and integrity.

Principle of Due Care and Loyalty

  • The Company should exercise due care and loyalty obligations with respect to the financial products or services provided.

Principle of Truthfulness in Marketing and Advertising

  • When placing, broadcasting advertisements and conducting business solicitation or sales promotion activities, the Company should ensure the truthfulness of the advertising and marketing materials.

Principle of Product or Service Suitability

  • The Company should fully understand the characteristics of the products and the relevant information of financial consumers to ensure the suitability of the products or services to financial consumers.

Principle of Notification and Disclosure

  • The Company should explicitly illustrate the important content and fully disclose the relevant risks of financial products or services in writing or other appropriate ways to ensure financial consumers fully understand the products and services.

Principle of Selling Complex or High-risk Products

  • Except for transactions conducted through automated and non-face-to-face channels, or fail to obtain customer consent, the Company' s illustrating and disclosing during the soliciting process of complex high-risk products should be audio- or video-recorded.

Principle of Balanced Remuneration Structures

  • The remuneration system of business solicitors should not only take into consideration of the achievement of business targets, but also the relevant risks to customers and the Bank generated by the financial products or services.

Principle of Customer Complaint Handling

  • The Company should establish a consumer dispute handling system which includes complaint handling procedures and complaint filing channels.

Principle of Professionalism of Business Solicitors

  • Personnel providing financial products or services to consumers should meet the qualifications required by applicable laws and regulations.