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Product Features

First Bank's e-Banking app (e-Banking's mobile version) is specially tailored for corporate customers to offer a brand new mobile experience. Log in with the same user ID and password at e-Banking to keep track of your accounts and enjoy zero-day financial services whenever, wherever.

Service Customer

All corporate account holders in good standing with First Bank are eligible to apply for this service.

How to apply

  • Fill out the e-Banking Service Application and Agreement (# 264) and other application forms (e.g., designated account transfer agreement). After the responsible person has signed and affixed the seals, with proof of identification and business registration attached, submit them to one of our branches to apply for the corporate online banking service.
  • *After completing the application procedure, log in with the initial password provided by the Bank, and change the password to your own. Account holders applying for account transaction functions shall activate the login password authentication at one of the branches before setting up a designated transfer account. You will then be able to perform transactions using the login password, which shall be kept safe and secure.
  1. For information security, please install antivirus software on your mobile device.
  2. Service hours: For same-day bulk transfers (including payroll) or transfers to Farmers' or Fishermen's Association/Credit Cooperatives accounts, the service hours are from 09:00 to 16:00 on business days. Service hours for other types of transactions are subject to the regulations of respective businesses. Every day at midnight (00:00) is the day-change operation of the Bank's system and some services are suspended.
  3. All other transaction fees are charged in accordance with corporate online banking policies. For details, see announcements on the Bank's official website.