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Product Features

This 24/7 year-round service allows you to simply click here and there to complete financial transactions at the comfort of your own home.

Service Customer

Foreign natural persons may apply for this according to the types of financial services needed. Application for foreign exchange transactions and Gold Passbook foreign currency-denominated transactions require an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) with a validity period of 1 year or more.

How to apply

  • The application shall be made in person by the Account Holder by presenting valid identification and chop used to open the First Bank account.
  • Go to iBank or iLEO app within 30 days of the application date and log in using the login ID and initial password in the Password Letter. Follow the instructions on the screen to set your new login ID and password.
  • After you open a new account or set up a designated transfer account, you will only be able to make inquiries and use such account on the next day.
  • Transaction fees:
  1. Intra-bank transfers: no handling fee.
  2. Inter-bank transfers: each remittance is charged in accordance with the Bank's applicable charges.
  3. Fund subscription: based on the pricing of each fund company.
  4. Foreign exchange: based on the spot exchange rate and preferential exchange rate.
  5. Overseas remittance: based on the handling fee at the counter.
  • NTD transfer limits:
  1. SSL transactions: within the daily limit agreed upon by the Account Holder at the counter.
  2. One-touch (device binding): NTD 50,000/transaction; NTD 100,000/day; NTD 200,000/month.