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Organization Chart of Firstbank is as follow:

  • General Meeting of Shareholders → Supervisors, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board
  • Board of Directors (Chairman of the Board) → Chief Auditor, Risk Management Committee, President
  • Chief Auditor → Auditing Division
  • President → President's Office, Business Planning & Admin. Division, Head Office Chief Compliance Officer, Executive Vice President, Business Decisions Committee Credit Committee, Asset & Liability Management Committee, Personnel Evaluation Committee, Labor-Management Consultation Committee, Trust Assets Assessment Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Green Finance Committee, Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism Committee, Information Technology Development Committee, Fair Treatment to Clients Facilitating Committee
  • Head Office Chief Compliance Officer → Compliance Affairs
  • Executive Vice President → Corporate Banking BU, International Business BU, Financial Markets BU, Personal Banking BU, Risk Management Center, Information Technology Administration Center, General Administration Center, Regional Center
  • Compliance Affairs → Compliance Division
  • Corporate Banking BU → Corp. Banking Business Admin. Division , Operation Planning & Admin. Division
  • International Business BU → International Banking Division, Overseas Business Admin. Division
  • Financial Markets BU → Treasury Division, Financial Markets Business Admin. Division
  • Personal Banking BU → Consumer Banking Business Admin. Division, Credit Card Division, Trust Division, Insurance Agency Division,Personal Banking Business Admin. Division
  • Risk Management Center → Credit Approval Division, Risk Management Division, Credit Analysis Division, Special Asset Management Division
  • Information Technology Administration Center → Information Technology Division, Digital Technology Security Division, Digital Banking Division
  • General Administration Center → Accounting Division, Human Resource Division, General Affairs Division, Public Relations Office, Legal Affairs Office

Organization Chart of First Bank