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Layout Planning

This website is built in accordance with the "Public Information Accessibility Web System Development Notices". The layout content of the website is divided into three blocks:

  1. Logo and site navigator link above
  2. Main content in the middle
  3. Related links, contact information and copyright notice located below

AccessKey Settings

The Accesskey of this website (Accesskey, also known as the keyboard shortcut) are set as follows:

  1. Alt+U: To access the above site navigator link, this contains a link to the website’s navigation guide for this website.
  2. Alt+C: To the main content area, showing the main content of the current web page.
  3. Alt+B: To the relevant link area below, which includes related links, contact information and copyright notices.

The above applies to the browser: IE 11; for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, please press Shift+Alt.

Keyboard Operation

When the items on this website cannot be selected, you can use the following keyboard functions to browse this website.

  1. You can use the Tab key to go to the next item and use the Enter key to select the item.
  2. You can use Tab+Shift to go back to the previous this item.
  3. You can close the window with the Alt+F4.

Website Structure

The structure of this website is as follows: