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Product Features

The e-Banking service provides an advanced digital platform for corporate internet banking that connects you to First Bank's global service network through a computer browser, enabling you to keep abreast of the latest updates of your company funds and various transactions. It lets you run your business more efficiently and helps you stay on top of your game.。

e-Banking Description Form 
Flexible access control
Multi-person access control lets you set up one-tier, multi-tier or customized transaction processes and permissions according to your corporate needs.
Safe and secure transaction
  1. For any designated NTD Beneficiary Account applied at the counter, transactions within the limit of NTD 3 million are allowed using the login password authentication of authorized persons.
  2. High-standard USB token and electronic certificates are in place for non-designated NTD, foreign currency and trade service transactions.
NTD/FX receipt and payment
You can choose to edit transaction data online one by one or upload transaction data. The file upload format can also be customized, allowing you to handle company accounts the way you want it handled.
Payroll payment
After uploading the payroll details, setting the password, and after authorizing the transaction, an encrypted electronic payslip is directly sent to the email specified by the employee.
Import and export trade
Providing online issuance/amendment of import letter of credit, repayment, import/export collection, export bill negotiation and other inquiry services, so you have the latest trade information at your fingertips.
Collection and payment
Providing ACH, national (tax) payment, foreign currency collection and other services to streamline your collection and payment operations.
Online financing
Online financing services, such as Corporate Credit Convenience, provide you with online quick drawdown, repayment, and inquiry services.
Corporate credit card
Allowing you to adjust the status of each company card and customize the limit of each card within the approved credit line to optimize card usage.

Service Customer

Any DBU or OBU company in good standing with First Bank is eligible to apply for this service.

How to apply

  • The responsible person shall bring the following documents and the chop used to open the account to any of the branches and fill out the e-Banking Service Application and Agreement.
  • After completing the application procedure, please log in with the initial password for authorized persons provided by the Bank within 30 days. Change the password and keep it safe and secure.
  • Transaction service hours:
    1. NTD Transaction: For same-day bulk transfers (including payroll) or transfers to Farmers' or Fishermen's Association/Credit Cooperatives accounts, the service hours are from 09:00 to 16:00 on business days.
    2. Foreign exchange transactions:
      • Currency conversion and intra-bank transfer between accounts of the same Account Holder: transactions in the same currency – 24/7; transactions in different currencies – 24 hours on bank business days.
      • Remittance to other banks: 09:10 to 15:30 on business days.
    3. Service hours for other types of transactions are subject to the regulations of respective service functions.
    4. Every day at midnight (00:00) is the day-change operation of the Bank's system and some services are suspended.
  • Electronic certificates must be renewed every year (annual fee: DBU/NTD 1,000; OBU/USD 35). They can be obtained directly on the e-Banking website (valid electronic certificate required for authentication). You may also apply for the electronic certificate by submitting an application at any of the branches.
  • For other transaction fees, see announcements on the Bank's official website.
    1. Charges for deposits and remittances(ver. 202001)
    2. Charges for digital banking services (ver. 201904)