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First Commercial Bank was originally established on November 12, 1899 as Savings Bank of Taiwan. In 1912 it merged with Commercial and Industrial Bank of Taiwan, retaining the name of the latter, and in 1923 it again merged with Chia-I Bank and Hsin-Kao Bank. In 1947 its name was changed to Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Bank, and in 1949 it was renamed as First Commercial Bank of Taiwan. Finally, in 1976, it was given its current name, First Commercial Bank, in order to strengthen the operating strategy of business internationalization. On January 22, 1998 the Bank was transformed from a government entity into a private bank. After the establishment of First Financial Holding Co. on January 2, 2003, the Bank became a subsidiary of First Financial Group. The Bank has now been in business for more than a century.

As of Jun 2017, the Bank’s capital was NT$89.064 billion. In terms of total assets and Tier 1 capital, it ranked among the world’s top 250 banks. It currently has over 8,000 employees and 188 domestic branches. Overseas there are 40 global networks (20 branches, 10 sub-branches, 3 representative offices, and 1 subsidiary with 1 main office and 7 branches) in major international metropolitan areas and financial centers to provide a full range of service and satisfy the operating need of overseas Taiwanese enterprises.

Operating Principle

Over more than 100 years, First Commercial Bank has grown and prospered along with Taiwan’s society and economy. It has held firmly to the operating principle of “Customer First, Service Foremost”, creating greater value for customers’ wealth and expectations. Our goal is to become a core bank among Taiwan’s three major financial groups, a representative international bank, and the preferred bank of Taiwanese enterprises for cross-strait trade financing, providing the finest financial services for customers, the best source of profit for shareholders, and the best career development opportunity for employees.

Corporate Identity

The Bank’s corporate spirit manifested in our operating principle maintains the basic elements of our original corporate identity, symbolizing the passing on of the Bank’s inheritance as well as our transformation and the continuation of our unwavering commitment along with the realization of new life and new dynamism through modernization. Two arcs, of gold and dark green, are used to form the shape of a bronze coin. The gold symbolizes the accumulation of wealth and expresses the dignity and magnanimity of leadership, and the dark green symbolizes the earth with its continuous cycle of nature and eternal life force. The square within the circle symbolizes the stability and professionalism of leadership, and the upright arrangement expresses an attitude of preparedness and energetic advancement.