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Network Security Reminder

  • Please verify that the website and mobile phone apps are authentic.
  • Before using our apps, please make sure that you directly downloaded them from the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android.
  • Please beware of scammers trying to trick you into giving them your password.
  • Please beware of people nearby trying to see your password when entering your password.
  • Please change your password frequently and do not use the same password for other apps and services.
  • Please do not click on unknown URLs and programs or apps, and it is recommended to install anti-virus software.
  • Please do not write your password on your ATM card or other obvious and accessible place.
  • Please do not keep a record of your password on your computer or mobile device.
  • Please delete our mobile banking app before changing mobile devices, and then install the app on your new device.
  • Please do not use an unencrypted mechanism to send your password.
  • Please keep your user name and password safe and do not provide it to any person, unauthorized website, or app.

    Note: The red text above is: Please delete our mobile banking app before changing mobile devices, and then install the app on your new device. Principles for browser use

Principles for browser use

  • Our network information and transaction services include: i-Bank, e-Bank, e-ATM, e-Pay, etc. (hereinafter collective referred to as “Internet Banking”), URLs for each website are as follows: Check if the URL is correct before connecting, and do not click on any links not provided on our website.
    iLEO digital account:
  • For other websites, please directly go to our homepage and then click on links for related website services.
  • When using someone else’s computer or a public computer, please do not let the browser save your password and login information.
    (For example, on Microsoft Internet Explorer, cancel “Tools/Internet Options/Content/Autocomplete”)
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, it is recommended to use version 8.0 or above (inclusive). If you do not know the version of your browser, please click the description on your browser above.
    (About Internet Explorer) It is recommended that you download and install the 128-bit encryption software component on Microsoft's website.

Password Setup and Management Principles

  • Your "ID No./Registration No.," "user name," and "password (or IC ATM card password" are for verifying your identity when logging into Internet Banking. Please memorize and keep it safe, and do not disclose it to anyone (including family and friends and bank personnel) to avoid unauthorized access to your account.
  • Please beware of people nearby trying to see your password when entering your password.
  • Please use separate passwords for websites (may be plain text) and online transactions to avoid being guessed or stolen by others.
  • When choosing a password, avoid using easy-to-guess passwords such as ID number, birthday, telephone number, or sequential or repeating numbers, so that it is not guessed or stolen by others.
  • Please do not write your password on an obvious and accessible place.

Notices for Using Computers/Mobile Devices

  • Please do not use Internet Banking services on a public computer or mobile device (such as: Internet cafe, library, display phone in a telecommunications store). If it is absolutely necessary, check if anyone is behind you looking at your screen.
  • Before leaving your seat or after using Internet Banking, remember to click on "log out" before leaving the webpage, delete Temporary Internet Files and History in Internet Options, and then close each window.
  • Please do not click on programs, messages, e-mail, greetings cards, attachments, URLs or app download links from unknown sources to prevent hackers from hacking your computer and stealing personal information.
  • Close the shared folder on your personal computer to prevent personal or business information from being leaked, and also avoid the risk of being infected with a Trojan horse.
  • Make sure that your computer has the latest security patches.
  • Do not jailbreak or change factory security settings on your device. Examples include: rooting in Android and jailbreaking in iOS.

Scam Prevention Reminders

  • Do not set any designated accounts when following the instructions of a stranger.
  • When you hear claims of putting your account in custody, it is a scam and do not transfer any funds.
  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the civil execution department of a court or a judge, immediately hang up.
  • Do not transfer or remit funds or operate an ATM when following the instructions of a stranger.
  • When you receive any voice message stating that it will put you through to designated personnel, please ignore it and immediately hang up.
  • Do not disclose or verify your personal information with any caller to prevent it from being misused.
  • Please beware that scammers can falsify their caller ID to gain your trust.
  • Do not hand your passbook, seal, or password to others to prevent your savings from being withdrawn.

Thoughtful security measures of our Internet Banking services

  • Compliance with regulations of the competent authority: Our Internet Banking design and security measures all comply with the "Standard Operation Procedures of Security Controls for Financial Institutions Processing Electronic Banking Businesses" and "Standard Form Contract for Personal Online Banking Services" issued by the competent authority.
  • Layered password control and authentication: When logging into Internet Banking, you need to enter your account and password to access account information. You need to enter the SSL transaction password (physical OTP, IC ATM card, certificate password, one-touch service) that you previously applied for to verify your identity before making various transactions (such as designated account transfer, scheduled transfer, pay credit card bill, etc.).
  • Simple and convenient login procedures: When using e-ATM, there is no need for complex procedures and passwords. Directly use an IC card reader and enjoy a secure environment provided through your IC ATM card and password.

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