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Cookies Description

First Commercial Bank Ltd.,Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions

Cookies Description

Cookies are a small temporary storage of files which store data downloaded onto your devices when you access a website. It is a small text file which allows the website server to identify user’s preferences and write user data files by a browser. When you visit the website again, Cookies can ensure that your device installation is recognized and that any browsing history and relevant information can be stored and retrieved.

When you visit FCB’s website for the first time or if your previous Cookie retention period has expired, you will receive a Cookie notice asking you to review the FCB’s Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you select “Agree," you consent us by using Cookies to collect your personal data and preferences. If you select “Not Agree," unnecessary Cookies at our website will be disabled or inactivated. However, for those Cookies which are essential to enable the website to function properly, we are unable to block them immediately. You can block them yourself by referencing to the browser setting guidelines provided,  while it may cause the service to be unavailable. Furthermore, if at any time, the Bank has added any new third-party Cookies to collect your personal data and preferences, we will ask for your consent again as required by law.

The Terms and Conditions for FCB’s Cookies are described below:

Purposes for using Cookies:

The purposes of using Cookies in our website are listed as below:

  1. Technical Purpose
    To ensure our website operate efficiently, these include but are not limited to:
    1. Monitor website traffic to ensure that all users have the same stable and reliable service; and
    2. Meet the demands of system security, stability and other maintenance requirements.
  2. Convenience of usage
    Cookies allow you to browse our website more conveniently, including but not limited to:
    1. Remember your identification information; and
    2. Remember your setting preferences.
  3. Data Analysis
    By using Cookies, we can collect relevant data on your browsing history and transaction records, including but not limited to:
    1. By collecting and analysing the data from our website, we can calculate the number of visits on our website and understand the usage of each webpage, and these valuable data can be used to improve our website; and
    2. To gain a better insight of what products and contents that will be of interest to you in order to fully satisfy our customers’ demands.
  4. Tracking and Marketing
    Our website collects relevant statistical data on your browsing activities, which enables us to provide you with more appropriate information, including but not limited to:
    1. Allow our website or other marketing channels to identify suitable products and services, which we consider may be of interest to you for marketing purposes;
    2. Allow third party to offer appropriate advertisements prompted by our request and follow up on the effectiveness; and
    3. Based on your browsing history on our website and any specific webpage, we will be able to provide our recommended advertisements through other channels.
Third-Party Cookies

On our website, we have also set up a third-party tracking mechanism which writes some short texts on the user’s device through its browser in order to access Cookies, the purposes of which are listed below:

  1. To verify and track the volume of visitors who access our website through the advertisement link of third party website;
  2. To track and analyze the usage of our website in order to make improvement of our website;
  3. Through a variety of media outlets to provide promotional information or advertisements for which users search such as emails, social media, text messages, pop-up messages, digital advertising pages, and radio network advertising, etc.
  4. To prohibit any third party marketing purposes not designated by the Bank.