Announcement for new supported screen resolution and layout representation from September 28th, 2021 - Latest News | First Bank
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Dear customers,
Thank you for using e-Banking and providing precious feedbacks.  We are excited to announce that we are going to upgrade the system and improve the page/chart representation as follows on September 28th, 2021:
  1. We upgrade the supported screen resolution to 1366×768 pixels, and adjust the “Record” and “Favorites” menu at left-hand side into the bookmark shape to show more result details in one scene.
  2. Every user now is able to shield the belongings username, GUI No., and IP address, by clicking the eye shape icon.
  3. We integrate and simplify the representation of page/chart for every user that no more needs to click and drag for more detail results.
We create a very brief quick start guide since September 28th, 2021 after your login. Please feel free to take a look with us, and we will continuously improve the e-Banking system for better experience, thank.
Best regards and cheers,
First Bank